Separated at Birth? Cordless Swatch-Inspired Phone

Separated at Birth? Cordless Swatch-Inspired Phone

Sonia Zjawinski
Sep 19, 2008

Remember the Swatch Twin Phone? Oh man! We got one of those in 6th grade and couldn't deal with how rad it was. That was one of the biggest phone innovations since, well, phones were invented! This is the model we had. Our only complaint was that the cord between the two pieces would always get tangled so that when you picked up a call the other receiver would end up getting picked up as well.

What do you know, but Japanese company Plus Minus Zero, who also designed the humidifier, fan, and space heater we've posted about in the past, has come up with a cordless phone which looks to be inspired by Swatch's design. While it doesn't feature two handsets, it does feature similar curves as the early 90s cousin, and without the cords you can have that early 90s style without the early 90s tech drawback...

The phone, which looks to only be available in Japan, will cost you about $140, but we're sure Japanese import shops Dynamism or Compact Impact will offer the phone to US customers soon.

photos: Swatch phone, Eurocosm; Plus Minus Zero

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