September is...Kids Design Month

September is...Kids Design Month

Janel Laban
Sep 11, 2006

A thought on living with kids: Rooms can magically stretch when you want to share your space with people you like (think about your last great dinner party). Living with kids is the same phenomenon (on a more permanent scale): it just works out in the end.

The diapers, toys, books and clothes all find a home (and they don't take over). Bathtime turns the bathroom into a place you spend lots of time. The kitchen gets a workout (as does the laundry) and you get efficient and smart about space and products. It works because you work at home like never before. It works differently for different families but in the end, home is home.

That said, adding family members does mean that the "stuff" in the house increases which is challenging. Deciding what you really need for the kids (vs. what everyone tells you you should have) is the first step to hanging on to sanity in a small space. Looking for stuff that is well designed and nice looking helps too. This is what we're looking for this month (along with our "regular" programming).

This September we are blogging away at AT, moving back into a routine at home (REAL dinners every night, making school lunches, cello lessons...) and getting our apartment looking good and running smoothly (fall cleaning, anyone?). The end of summer often spurs us on to start preparing the nest for the cold months ahead. Judging from the amount of questions we've been receiving so are you.

Keep the questions coming, and don't forget to take pictures of what you accomplish at home. We know there are projects happening, cocktail parties being held, new colors being introduced, furniture and art work being brought home. Take a picture, upload it to flickr and tag it with apartmenttherapychicago. We'd love to see your home, circa September 2006.

Image: "Really Happy" from The Suburban Seventies:Photographs by Bill Owens.

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