Sequins, Beads, & Glitter: Unexpected Sparkle at Home

Sequins, Beads, & Glitter: Unexpected Sparkle at Home

Elizabeth Licata
May 9, 2012

If less is more, then just imagine how much more more would be! While it's easy to go overboard with over-the-top elements, a few bright accents like beads, sequins, or even glitter can add a pop of light to an otherwise staid environment, and they're very easy to DIY. If you're amenable to a bit of glitz, read on for some unexpected places to add sparkle to the home. Please note that I am in no way advocating the application of all these ideas in one space. But if you do, invite me over.

FloorsCrafty Chica has a full tutorial on how to turn a plain concrete floor into a glitter-covered extravaganza.

Wallpaper — Photographer Aaron Ruell works within some over-the-top rooms. The glittery pink wallpaper may be neither soothing nor spalike, but it certainly packs an impact.

Bedspreads — When I first saw the silver sequin throw in Kylie Minogue's Kylie At Home collection, I thought I had died and gone to sparkly heaven. My husband begged for reassurance that it was out of our price range.

Pillows — If the full sequin throw is too much, maybe an accent pillow or two can do it. Kylie included a couple of those in her bedding range, and a sequin pillowcase would be an easy DIY for even a sewing novice.

Flower pots — This easy DIY glitter flower pot from Punk Projects is a great way to upgrade a standard terracotta pot.

Shower curtains — Phew! A sequin shower curtain from Sin in Linen will sure wake you up in the morning.

Regular curtains — In possibly the most tasteful application of the bunch, The Paris Apartment demonstrates how to incorporate sequined and beaded silk curtains into the boudoir without going full-on Kylie.

Any other ideas? Let us know in the comments.

(Images: 1. Diary of a Crafty Chica, 2. Wallace Sacks, 3. Palmer Stores, 4. Aaron Ruell, 5. Punk Projects, 6. Sin in Linen, 7. The Paris Apartment)

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