Look We Love: Serious Color in the Kitchen

Look We Love: Serious Color in the Kitchen

Nancy Mitchell
Apr 12, 2015
(Image credit: Inside Out)

The kitchen tends to be a place where people play it safe with color. Whites and greys predominate, with a little bit of soft, subdued color, if you're lucky. But a few homeowners have gone against the grain and embraced bold, balls-to-the-wall colors in their kitchens. Here are few examples of such kitchens, and a few ideas for how you can get the look.

Above: the colorful pattern decorating the island in this kitchen, from Inside Out via Desire to Inspire, is actually a wallpaper from Minakani Lab.

(Image credit: Bungalow 5)

This kitchen from Bungalow 5 rocks a Barbie-pink countertop, which is a lovely contrast to the walnut cabinetry.

(Image credit: Domaine Home)

This brilliant kitchen from Domaine Home makes for a pleasing pop of color in a minimal home.

(Image credit: Skona Hem)

Painting just the lower cabinets works, too. We're loving this sunny yellow from Skona Hem.

(Image credit: Domino)

This kitchen from Domino manages to surprise with a brightly colored window frame.

(Image credit: Domino)

In this kitchen from Domino, a pink backsplash and dramatic lighting amp up the drama.

(Image credit: Home & Decor)

If you're feeling especially bold, you could opt for an entire kitchen covered top-to-toe in a striking hue. From Home & Decor.

(Image credit: Casa Vogue)

This house, from Casa Vogue, takes an approach that's a bit more subtle but no less exciting.

(Image credit: Home Bunch)

Another thing we're loving? Brightly colored appliances, like these spotted on Home Bunch.

(Image credit: Escapade)

And finally, proof that you don't have to go too crazy to get crazy color into your kitchen — just a painting will do. Bonus points, of course, if it matches the oven. From Escapade.

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