Set Decor Inspiration: Mad Men

Oh for the love of gin and smoke... Has anyone been watching the AMC show "Mad Men"? We have been Tivo-ing it since it started, but hadn't had a chance to actually watch them until recently. The mid-century decor is impeccable and we've been drooling over each set. We've become obsessed with the decor of the offices (we especially love how each of the doors in the main room is painted a different color), and this week's LA Times had an article about the attention to detail in this series.

The article mentions how well they've recreated the past, yet also gives nod to current design trends. Set decorator to the show, Amy Wells, mentions that although she doesn't think "frills and knotty pine paneling" will be making a major comeback in today's home, she does think there will be "reinterpreted elements of that look." The article sites the gorgeous tufted velvet headboard in the main character's home as an example of something that was popular then, and also popular now. Another interesting thing to note is that they got most of the furniture for Don Draper's office here locally at Futurama and Denmark 50 in Los Angeles. They also based the Draper's house on a 1916 Colonial Rvival house the production designer Dan Biship found in Pasadena. Read the rest of the article here. There's a neat video about the authenticity of the sets: Has anyone else been watching? What do you think of it?