Set Regular Email Reminders for These 5 Home Maintenance Tasks

Set Regular Email Reminders for These 5 Home Maintenance Tasks

Taryn Williford
Feb 3, 2012

What did people do before email? You had to call your friends to make weekend plans? And actually remember when it was time to test the smoke alarm? Thankfully, we live in an age when email makes home maintenance reminders fool-proof. These 5 tasks are so regulary forgotten, but it doesn't have to be that way. Take 5 minutes today to set ongoing email reminders that keep regular home maintenance at the top of your inbox.

Flip Your Mattress
While this tip about labeling your mattress is a great one, you still might need something to remember to check for that label under the sheets. Set a quarterly email reminder to keep your mattress comfier for longer and improve your sleep.
Set a reminder for: Every 3 months

Check and replace the Batteries in Your Smoke Alarm
Some people can remember to make this habit part of the spring forward/fall back clock change, but not us. Besides, it's reccomended you test smoke alarm batteires more frequently than twice a year. But you don't have to throw them out if they're bad. Battery levels that are too low for smoke alarms will still usually have enough jucie for the TV remote or other small appliances.
Set a reminder for: Every 3 months.

Change Your Water Filter
Leading refrigerator brands like Whirlpool, Maytag and KitchenAid recommend changing built-in water filters every six months to ensure that your water and ice remains fresh and great tasting. Standalone pitcher-filters, like Brita, reccomend changing them once every two months.
Set a reminder for: Every 6 months or Every 2 months

Change Your Air Filter
How often you should change your air filter is a point of contention. This post will help you figure out what schedule is best for you (based on your pets, allergies and cleaning habits), then you can set a reminder based on your rotation.
Set a reminder for: Every 2 to 6 months

Clean Your Fridge Coils
This might be a habit you never do (especially if you're renting), but you can extend the life of your most-used appliance(and save on your bills year-round) by remembering to clean the fridge coils annually.
Set a reminder for: Once a year

...So how do I send email reminders?
Using your calendar app of choice, set an event for some time in the future that will remind you to complete one of these household tasks, and make sure to set an email reminder for your event. If you don't keep a digital calendar, you can use a site like to compose emails and send them at a specified date in the future.

(Image: Taryn Fiol)

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