Setting Up House: Wedding Registry Etiquette

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Has wedding season ended? I hope so. If anything, it's petered out a little bit, for which I am thankful for. A good part of my summer was spent printing out registries, waiting until the last minute to get a gift, and rushing off to send the bride and groom a set of iced tea spoons. Now, this is not a rant about the single person getting gypped on household presents...

(I'm a firm believer that if you are of a certain age, single, and do not have your own set of plates due to the reliance of your nonexistent nuptials; you may want to reconsider heading down to your nearest Target and picking up at least a basic dinnerware set). Instead, one of my friends sparked my interest when she said (jokingly, I hope), "Do you think I can register on eBay? Or Craigslist?" She's definitely a different breed of cat when it comes to personal tastes (anything old, vintage, and a shade of green will do), so I doubt that some of you would want used items for your wedding registry. However, I do wonder: Is it okay to send gifts that aren't on the registry? And if you do opt to send something that's off the beaten path, do you feel the need to send another gift that is listed on the registry (and cheap, ie tupperware)?