One of the most enjoyable things about decorating our kids' rooms is finding the perfect decorative accessories - something that reflects your child's personality but also something that Mom can live with aesthetically. These Sew-Your-Own Fabric Doll Kits are a great way to engage both of you in the decorating process and you don't have to be a seasoned sewer to make them.

They range in various degrees of difficulty, but these doll cloth kits are a great beginner sewing project. With the help of Mom, some of these are even kid friendly. This would be a great summer project to create with your kids! And they are an instant decorative accessory for your child's room... Win-Win!

- Lion Tea Towel, Lark: $22

- Fabric Doll Kit, Jane Foster: $24

- Sweetie Petite Doll Kits, The Red Thread: $20

- Sew Your Own Lion, Clothkits: £12

- Clothkitty - Kiki Doll Kit, Clothkits: £16

- Clothkitty Tea Towels, Clothkits: £12.26

- Fabric Doll Kit, fourandplenty: $18

- Tattooed Together, MyPaperCrane: $18