SF Good Questions: Help Me with My Shower Storage Dilemma?

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hi there at:sf, we just finished up our bathroom remodel, but i am having a shower storage dilemma. we did not incorporate any recess shelving for our toiletries (shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc.). we've always had a hanging shower caddy and i even purchased the simple human adjustable shower caddy. however, i went to install it and realized that our kohler purist shower arm is too thick for the shower caddy to grip it...

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...am wondering about readers' experience with installing a shower shelf or basket. it scares me a little since i have never drilled into tile before. i am less worried about cracking the tile than the possibility of rust stains on our nice new white subway tiles. if i did this, should it be mounted under the shower head or on the opposite wall? if i buy a high quality shelf or basket (motiv or ginger) and use the proper fasteners, should i worry about rust staining?
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any thoughts? thanks for your help!


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Link: Simple Human Adjustable Shower Caddy