SF Good Questions: How Comfortable Is the Urban Outfitters Either/Or Convertible Sofa?

Hello AT:SF,

I've lived in my very (and I mean VERY) small studio for over a year now. I've been looking for the right sofa bed, and I might have found one on UrbanOutfitters.com. The problem is, the stores near me don't have any on display so I have no idea how comfortable it is. My only choice is to buy it and return it if it's uncomfortable, but the $115 shipping fee is not refundable... and not to mention the cost to send it back...Has anyone bought it, or saw/sat on it at an Urban Outfitters and know how (un)comfortable it is?? Please help, I don't want to sleep on my floor anymore.

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Can anyone help Nori?

Images: Either/Or Convertible Sofa - Urban Outfitters

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