SF Good Questions: Help With Our Loft?

SF Good Questions: Help With Our Loft?

Apr 28, 2008

AT:SF, Help! We are moving into a loft. The ground floor is one big living space. We have new furniture that is a must: chocolate brown leather sectional, red leather sofa & chair (my husband's favorites); otherwise, we are open on what additional furniture to buy...

...What would be the best location for above furniture, coffee table, console table and /or bookshelf, TV stand, dinner tables/chair?

Potentially we'd like furniture to be easily re-arranged to make one of the sofas a guest sleeping space (enclosed somehow?) and include a desk/chair for me (my husband will have his desk/chair in the loft space upstairs).

Any ideas on what to use to close out the kitchen space from a view when needed?

We would also need some piece of furniture to act as an entry closet, but have no idea what it should be like or were to put it.

Upstairs, in the bedroom, we have no idea how to utilize the weird little but long annex space; the work-in closed is quite small, so maybe a free standing closet, but how would we access it? Or what other use there can be? Thank you,


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