SF Good Questions: Hardwood Floors in the Bathroom?

SF Good Questions: Hardwood Floors in the Bathroom?

Apr 29, 2008

Hello all, We're redoing our nice little bungalow, and are about ready to rip up the ugly peeling linoleum from the bathroom...

...My husband's a carpenter in the summer (professor during the school year), so we'll be doing all the work ourselves. We're about to buy hardwood for our living room, and could easily extend it into the bathroom -- if it's safe to do so. Is it ok to put hardwood floors in the bathroom? I think it would look great, but am concerned about water damage. Has anyone had good luck with what I think would be lovely, but somewhat dangerous?

Thanks for all your help...I'm going to need it again when we decide to tackle the big 80s brass fireplace next month!



Our understanding is that wood floors are fine in the bathroom -- as long as you seal it properly and don't let puddles stay around for a long time.

Anyone else?

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