SF Good Questions: Should I Keep This Rug?

SF Good Questions: Should I Keep This Rug?

Feb 25, 2008

AT:SF, I'm shopping for a 6x8 or 8x10 area rug for the seating area in my newly made-over great room. I'd like to keep the purchase under $1000, I'm looking for a transitional design, to help move the space toward contemporary rather than fussy and overly femme, and I'm thinking tone-on-tone for visual peace, and colorways in the honey beige family. In the meantime, I found a rug I have at home on spec. What do you think? Too brown? Too old lady? Paint the taupe walls a different color and it would be great?...

...The rest of my house is more transitional, a la Room and Board, however, this is what I call the "femme room" where I like to read, cuddle with my fuzzy housemates, listen to music, retire with guests after dinner for chats. It's meant to be cozy, but I don't want it to look "shabby chic" and overly dated.

A gallery wall is the next step....

Honesty counts! Thanks.


P.S. The rug has a nap, that is to say, when viewed from one angle it's a deep honey color, but when viewed from the opposite side, it's a buttery tone -- like the pillows on the couch. There's also a 1" border repeated twice that is very close to the couch -- at least not so different that it clashes.

So, if the vote is to keep the rug (I've lived with it for a couple of days now), from which direction should it be viewed?

I also attached the art collage I'm working on. I think this will be the final arrangement.

Jump in, everyone!

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