SF Spring Cure: Week Three

SF Spring Cure: Week Three

Mar 24, 2008

"I didn't get everything I wanted to accomplish in the kitchen completed (changing out the light fixture, for one), but what I DID accomplish has made such a difference in the aesthetic of the space, and more importantly in how I FEEL about my once-hated kitchen. It is so cheerful, now! I don't dread opening the cabinets anymore because everything is so clean and organized."

We were thrilled to see this comment from SaraLeeAnn because it gets to the heart of what the Cure is really about - making your home a place that is organized and clean and comfortable, so that it becomes a space that you enjoy being in.

All of you SF Curers are doing great! We also loved this comment from jessica anne matthies:
"I'm really feeling surprised, motivated, and successful with how much work i'm getting done right now." It is amazing how getting a few things accomplished can be so motivating - once you fix up one area doing another isn't nearly as daunting.

So are we ready to move on to week three? For those of us working on Deep Treatment, it's landing strip time. Having a landing strip really does create a big change in your house - keeping clutter, dirt, and all those outside distractions at bay. We have one already, but are going to reevaluate and fine tune it.

Week Three Assignment (Deep Treatment):
  • vacuum, dust, and mop (wet or dry) throughout your home
  • clean your entrance and any related closet
  • arrange to have all repairs taken care of in the next three weeks
  • declutter your entrance
  • move all old mail, catalogs, and magazines to the outbox
  • look into what you would need to create a landing strip
  • cancel any unused subscriptions
  • identify cool rooms and warm rooms
  • apply the 80/20 color rule
  • cook two meals at home this week
  • design an invitation for your housewarming
Week Three Assignment (One Room Remedy):
  • research your shopping list
  • start a list of proposed interior changes
  • identify cool rooms and warm rooms
  • determine whether window treatments are necessary
  • apply the 80/20 color rule
  • research and call in help this week
Don't forget about small projects with a big impact - Wig3000 cleaned up this fixture - look how beautiful it is!

So, going into week three, who's still out there? Who wants to keep going but needs some encouragement? Any big accomplishments this past week, or hurdles in the week ahead you're trying to figure out how to get over?

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