SF Spring Cure: Week Zero

SF Spring Cure: Week Zero

Mar 3, 2008

Welcome to Spring Cure 2008! It's been feeling mighty spring-like in the Bay Area lately, and honestly we've been itching for the Cure to start so we can shake the last of the winter doldrums by getting our house into shape. We're starting with Week "Zero" today, giving everyone some time to get the book and start thinking about their homes before officially starting the Cure with Week One next Monday. Have you been waiting too? Or are you new to the site and want to find out what exactly this whole Cure business is all about? Read below the jump for more information...

The Cure takes you through the eight chapters of the Apartment Therapy book in eight weeks, leading you to a refreshed and healthier home. There are two ways to do the Cure - in Deep Treatment you tackle your whole house, the One-Room Remedy puts your focus on your biggest problem area. Both are achievable, especially with the support and help of our great editors and readers who will be Curing right along with you. Interested in joining us? The links below will help get you ready:

Is anyone else already as excited as we are? See you next week!

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