Shaker Garden Shed: Get the Look

Shopping Guide

This garden shed in Hancock Shaker Village has a classic country look that could easily translate into a kitchen or porch nook. If you're looking for resources to start a Shaker-inspired garden station at home, we've got a list for you.

Peg Rail

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They have a gift shop where you can buy high-quality reproductions of Shaker furniture, kitchenwares, and accessories. Some of their inventory is available online, with more on-site. Pine Peg Rail is a big seller, and it goes for $18 per 2 feet.

Work Table

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Work tables were multi-purpose pieces, used in kitchens, canning rooms, sewing rooms, or pretty much anywhere you needed a counter to work on. Massachusetts-based Shaker Workshops sells a two-drawer worktable for about $500 for a DIY assembly kit and $1,000 for a pre-assembled table.

Cutting Boards

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In addition to furniture, Shaker Workshops sells kitchen accessories, including some really high-quality cutting boards. These Bird's Eye Maple Cutting Boards can be hung on the wall and they start at $45.

Seed Jars

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This online store is a great resource for any kind of tin or glass bottle you could ever need. They process small orders and bulk alike, and their prices are low—a gallon jar costs a few bucks, and seed tins are less than fifty cents.

Metal Pails

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This online store sells inexpensive supplies for weddings, parties, and craft projects. They have a few different metal buckets, including this Galvanized Metal Pail with Handles for $6.79. You can also buy a case of 20 for $116 ($5.79 each).

Seed Crates

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They have a $35 faux Shaker seed crate that looks very similar to the ones shown in the photo above. If you'd prefer a plain wooden crate, Target sells a bunch of types and sizes, including nesting and stacking sets.

Chalk Board

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For a small accessory like a basic wood-framed chalk board, we're turning again to SaveOnCrafts. They sell five-by-seven-inch Chalk Boards in packs for $3 each or 6 for $17.

Shaker Straw Hat

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This is the classic, old-school gardener's hat. Made from breathable straw with a wide brim, it's designed to protect your head from the sun without making you too sweaty. Hancock Village sells them for children and adults for $20.

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