Shared Desks

In small homes kids often share rooms which means, depending on their age, they might be sharing a desk. There are a number of ways to go about it: side-by-side, facing each other, or a long desk with two chairs. We pulled together some visual examples of shared kids' desks for inspiration.

1 Apartment Therapy has featured this shared desk setup (the brainchild of a few times and we like the efficiency of the space and that each desk inhabitant has some privacy.

2 This double desk, in the home of Lisa Mahar, looks like it's primarily used for arts and crafts by two younger children.

3 This desk is shared by an 8 and 11-year old. If they need more room to spread out they could always put their chairs at the desk ends.

4 & 5 These photos depict two configurations of the School House Storage Desks by Pottery Barn Kids. While not a shared desk per se, you can see how using two separate desks, either facing or side-by-side, may look in your room.

Do you have a great idea for two kids sharing a desk? One desk, one seat, but separate storage perhaps?

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