Sharilyn Wright of lovelydesign

Sharilyn Wright of lovelydesign

Gregory Han
Oct 13, 2009

Name: Sharilyn Wright
Location: Burnaby, British Columbia Canada
Size: 200 square foot studio/office
Blog: lovelydesign.blogspot and lovelydesign

We've known Sharilyn for years now, a friend whose warm personality is only matched by her inspiring abilities as a designer. As a well regarded hand crafts and stationery designer, Sharilyn's assortment of organizational, graphic, decorative and ephemera based products are highly coveted, sold directly through her site, lovelydesign. But in the last several years, her focus online has naturally shifted to sharing her life experiences and inspirations as a mother, with a website that reveals the beautiful and creative in the every day moments shared with her daughter Adelaide...

Sharilyn was kind enough to take some time out of her busy life as mother and designer to give us a look at her updated studio space (you may remember her from a past tour), insight about her creative process and business, and offer some advice about home office organization…

How would you describe your office?
After much consideration, we turned the large master bedroom of our 3 bedroom townhouse into a larger studio space. In retrospect, we should have done it sooner! It was silly to have the largest and sunniest room in our house used the least. Since converting this room into a larger (approximately 200+ sf) studio, I have a workspace which is efficient, effective, and so comfortable to spend time and create in. I get so much more work accomplished, and our family has a lovely spot to create and make things all together.

What's always found on (in)your workspace?
My workspace is usually pretty neat but 'lived in'. It is constantly bursting full of all sorts of treasures and tools. Old suitcases bursting with old papers and ephemera, stacks of fabrics, jars and bins of ribbons and twine and tags and clippings. Vintage boxes full of bits of this and that. All of these treasures that I find, fall in love with, and bring home with me influence my work. You can usually find myself working and my daughter playing or painting. And one or two of my cats, who seem to love my workspace as much as I do.

Favourite thing about your workspace?
I love that this room usually has great light with the huge windows and high ceilings. I love that it is shaped so that I can have three large industrial work tables set up in the center of the room to have as a dedicated work space, and that it fits five of these tables in total . I love that even though it is officially a bedroom, It is actually larger and more effective than my previous "real" studio space. I love that it is really an effective workspace right at home, so I am able to be home with my little daughter and still be able to produce my work as well.

What do you hate about your workspace?
I despise that it's carpeted, which is not effective for my working needs - I really need to be able to sweep up at a moment's notice. I also don't like that because one wall was all closet space, one wall is doors, and one wall is windows, I don't have much wall space left to hang up my projects-in-progress.

What inspires your work/blog/site?
My work is inspired by the world around me and all that I find beautiful within it. I love the natural world and foraging. I love libraries, documents, old texts. Vintage ephemera, thrift shops, antique shops. Simple yet effective, colourful yet clean design. I am especially inspired by my little daughter, and all the interest and joy which she finds everyday in this new world of hers. And, I am very much inspired by solving little problems which in my experience lead to lovely designs. I find it difficult or impossible to create items which I don't have a need for myself. This - and lack of time or resources - are why I don't tend to release new items that often. I can't seem create only for the sake of having something to sell - it doesn't work for me.

Is your work reflected in your workspace?
Definitely. My work is very very much just me - and this branches out into many other things such as our home