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Burlingame, CA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
The light is outstanding for a ground floor rental. I have big windows facing both east and west so I get lots of sun throughout the day. Plus, for its size, this place has a ton of storage, so finding a home for things has never been a problem. Also, it was just a real pleasure to decorate an apartment exactly to my tastes for the first time in my life. The combination of industrial and vintage items just makes me feel good.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Finding ways to deflect or minimize the less-than-ideal elements of my very outdated rental. The ‘70s kitchen linoleum, the wall-to-wall carpet, and the drab pinch-pleat curtains are all things I would not have chosen on my own, so troubleshooting solutions on my very meager budget has been a constantly-evolving process. But truth be told, it’s kind of fun too.
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