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Boston, MA
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
The sunlight! It is amazing how much larger my house feels during the day when I have light pouring in from both sides. It was definitely one of the biggest selling points for me.
Biggest Challenge of Living in a Small Space:
Storage, storage, storage! With only 500 square feet, space is at a premium. I am constantly trying to come up with creative ways to transform underutilized space into storage or to find products that can perform double duty. Some of my more successful finds are a coffee table that has a very large storage cabinet below and a slim shoe cabinet that fits perfectly in the otherwise useless 6" behind my entry door. Perhaps I should spend more time coming up with ways to get rid of things instead of finding places to store it all!
If I am the Grand Prize winner of Small Cool, the item(s) or project(s) from my home design wishlist that I'd like to spend my winnings on are::
I fantasize about updating my bathroom! I would love to rip out the old tub and put in either a small claw foot shower basin or a more modern tiled shower enclosure. I spend hours and hours thinking about whether a tile or bead board wainscot would look best or what sink will fit best with the era of the house. I love my old house but I do not like my old, inefficient bathroom!