No matter what your view on taxidermy is (or in this case, Crochetdermy), you have to give a nod to the extreme craftsmanship needed to complete these life-size works of art. Shauna Richardson operates out of the UK and takes a traditional form of crafting (crochet) and applies it to this unique idea.

Shauna's pieces are made with different wools and mohair mixes to give the animals a more realistic effect while not covering up her beautiful free-style stitching. The entire animal is done by using a single type of stitch with one size hook and changes up the angles to highlight the animals features.

Even though it takes her a full month to create each piece, we're grateful for her contribution to the art world. Her Crochetdermy pieces are pretty fabulous and made a dull winter day a little bit brighter. You can find more of her work from her website, along with photos of her pieces "in the wild."

(via: Designboom)
(Images: Shauna Richardson)