Sheers From Country Curtains

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Unfortunately, just because you have a great window doesn't mean you have a great view. In our own apartment, our big window looks out onto...the street. Nice but not in anyway breathtaking. It's in this kind of situation that sheers can come in handy. We can open our curtains, let the light in and filter out the non-existent view. They're also great for offering some protection from the sun and, perhaps staving off the fading of our furniture and curtains for a little bit longer...

As we found when scouring for our own, however, they're often pricey, poorly made, and skimpy. We were all set to make out own when we found these at Country Curtains. Offered with a 5 inch or a 10 inch hem, 57 inches or 117 inches wide, they can be ordered in natural or in white and come in lengths from 54 inches to 108 inches (call them to order special lengths). Not exciting, not sexy, but practical. A little thing that can make all the difference. And does.