Downloadable Plumbing Pipe Shelf Instructions

Dosuno Design

We're clearly big fans of DIY shelving made of plumbing pipe from the shelves I built in my downstairs rental, to Morgan's DIY that inspired my project and from this cool, industrial coat rack to this smaller, free-floating shelf. But what about an industrial design firm that works out the hard bits for you, creating an open source system for DIY sustainable furniture?

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Dosuno Design has created a pdf download and press kit with simple blueprints and instructions on how to build their versions of plumbing pipe furniture, which I'm sure you'll agree, is a bit more refined that what the rest of us have come up with up 'til now.

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In all, there are designs for 2 shelves, 3 chairs and a very cool table. All free for the ambitious DIYer.

Get the download: Dosuno Design, The Open Tap - Open Source Laboratory for the Development of Sustainable Furniture

(Images: Dosuno Design)