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Cypress, TX
Inspiration for my palette:
My in-laws gave me several pieces from their time spent in Indonesia. I love the way bright colors are mixed with natural woods. The traditional ikats and batiks added a fun, ethnic punch to my neutral back drop. Purchasing the ikat rug and chevron lampshade were an easy choice, they both added a modern twist to my traditional Indonesian accessories and textiles.
Colors used in my room:
Family Room: Sherwin Williams Tempe Star
Hallway Niche: Sherwin Williams Foggy Day & Samovar Silver
Tips for using color successfully:
Believe it or not, I rely on my second choice when it comes to choosing color. First I find something that speaks to me, something that has colors I admire. I close my eyes, then take a second look. Which ever color pops out at me immediately is the one that becomes the basis of the rest of the pallet. I chose a neutral tone of that color for the wall and then branch out like a tree from that point, connecting all the colors from the piece that inspired me.
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