Apartment Therapy Blogger Style: Shifrah's Own Kitchen

My kitchen contains my most favorite element of our whole house: the back splash. As I mentioned in my post about our living room, this house is a new construction, so we got to pick everything that went into it. We threw practical advice to the wind, and rather than picking something neutral that would appeal to the masses, we picked a backsplash that we love. Well, I love it, and my husband loves me, and I spend significantly more time in the kitchen than he does, so...

Having learned from our previous house how much dark floors can show dirt, I knew I wanted my kitchen floors to be light (and I love Florida's propensity for tile floors, at least in my kitchen. They are a dream to clean, except for the grout....). From there, we chose a saddle finish for the cabinets, a not-quite uniform glaze with subtle darker variations. Black granite, which picked up on the black of the appliances, anchored everything, and stainless knobs and fixtures tied the appliances in further.

Does anyone else decorate around their Kitchen Aid color? Or for most is it the other way around? While the back splash does contain some blue hues that the Kitchen Aid pulls out, the kitchen needed a bit more blue to make my mixer color look deliberate for this kitchen. Blue cushioned floor mats and towels in the same lovely shade did the trick and also help cool down a kitchen that tends toward hot in both temperature and color.

The touches of yellow and red elsewhere in the kitchen also seem pulled from the back splash palette, though I had them before this kitchen was built. I used a hurricane candle holder to hold my kitchen utensils because I wanted something that wouldn't catch the eye. The glass was a perfect solution because nothing disappears like something transparent, and it was about a third of the price of "actual" utensil holders.

I keep some hearty plants that I'm rooting by the sink for some greenery, and a colorful strand of cheery elephants that my sister brought from India add a touch of whimsy.

I saw the back splash at the interior design showroom and fell in love with it. Looking back, my mother and I have deduced that probably part of the reason I like it is because it reminds me of a small mosaic plant stand built into the outside wall of a house on Taraval and Sunset Boulevard in San Francisco. We would drive by it on the way back from my grandparents' house and it gave me a thrill every time.

Although I had no intention of actually campaigning to get the back splash, when I showed my husband, his response was, "That's it. That's the back splash" (!!!!) and we rerouted the built-in bookshelves money to get it. It's not trendy, and I'm sure it doesn't suit everyone's taste. Two of my best friends, when I texted them a picture before it was installed responded with, "Wow." (They've since decided it looks way better on the wall and is "so me.") But it makes me happy each and every time I'm in the kitchen and that is so worth it! No one can accuse me of being afraid of color, that's for sure.


  • Blue towels and floor mats: Bed, Bath & Beyond.
  • Salt and pepper grinders: Cole and Mason via Home Goods.
  • Back splash: Tiramola Mosaic in "Mix" by Bella Ceramic.

(Image credits: Shifrah Combiths)