Shop The Room: Xavier's X-Factor Room

Shop The Room: Xavier's X-Factor Room

Alison Gerber
Oct 15, 2013

Alison has, for the longest time, been drawn to this super cool, city-scape baby boy's room. Pops of color, cool white, and Basquiat? How can you go wrong? If you also like Xavier's room, here's a quick guide to getting the look yourself...

1. Same: Jean Michel Basquiat Untitled Graffiti Poster, $44.00.

2. Same: This is Australia by Miroslav Sasek, $13.56.

3. Same: Ikea Gulliver Crib, $99.00.

4. Similar: for a budget option - Ikea Patrik Chair, $149.00, for an upmarket option - West Elm's Steel Armed Bend Chair, $799.00. Best of all, search for something grey and wool and second hand!

5. Same: Skyline City Crib Sheet, $40.00.

I think this room does two things particularly well. First, it incorporates common "boy" graphics, like the car and cityscape, in a fresh and interesting way, though modern art and great bedding. Second, the room is masculine in a cool modern way thanks to the combination of wool, chrome and white. I would love to see more baby boy rooms like Xavier's!

(Image: vjm / "X" Marks the Spot in Xavier's Room)

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