1 Wall 2 Rooms: Temporary Walls

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If you need another room, and have some room, putting up a wall can be a great solution. If you live in a rental or you want to save $$, renting a temporary wall can be an even better solution. 1Wall2Rooms.com is one of the temporary wall companies in NYC that we've heard of, and though we've never worked with them, the look pretty good.

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Like most of these companies (we also know of the Living Space Co.), they will give you a quote/estimate only after you submit their webform and they install quickly and without mess in one visit after that. The walls come with options for French Doors and windows, and can be L-shaped or straight. They are painted white and we don't believe you can paint them another color. They use pressure to fit into your space, so that no screws or glue are needed. They are non-damaging...

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The big nice thing about this solution is that the walls are installed and taken away by the same folks and the yearly rental is usually somewhere in the $300-600 range, making them far more affordable than building your own.

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