Castor & Chouca: Eco-Friendly Fine Furniture

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Store History

  • Founded: Marciac (South of France)
  • Founded by: 3 founders : Philippe Ossona de Mendez (designer and co-designer of the brand), Jérôme Lasserre and Bruno Flinois

Castor & Chouca is an innovative french brand which creates and produces furniture, accessories and textile products, dedicated to the blooming of the children. An eco-design universe, a contemporary atmosphere, a collection inspired by child care in maternity hospitals (practical and safe) and designs in the heart of the parents' home a line of decorative furniture (innovation and design) for children. Castor & Chouca stands apart as well by the originality and quality of the chosen materials and the evolution of each of its creations which follows the child in his development. Castor & Chouca is the insurance of a top-of-the-range work developed in the art of its manufacture since 1942.

These new pieces from the French Design studio of Castor & Chouca are just about the prettiest thing we've laid eyes on all week. Designed with the collaboration of nurses, mothers and hospital staff these pieces aren't just easy on the eyes, they were created with safety, sustainability and health in mind. They're good for the Earth and your children; the perfect combination.

Castor & Chouca aim to do their part and create furniture that's made to last and not be thrown away or tossed aside in "a blossoming universe where ecology, health, security and well-being are inseparable." Their products range between $325 USD for the small bookshelf, past the $5,000 mark for the largest changing unit with fold out drawers.

While the items at the top of the scale might seem out of some budgets, knowing that you're buying pieces that leave behind a small eco-footprint and will literally outlast you and most likely your children with proper care is rather comforting. Leaving your grandchildren furniture for their children is a rather cool idea if your budget allows.

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(Images: Castor & Chouca)