Fab.com: New Design Flash Sale Site Launches Today

Sneak Peek

  • Location: online only
  • Website: fab.com

Store History

  • Founded: 2011
  • Founded by: Jason Goldberg and Bradford Shellhammer
  • Headquarters: New York, New York

Fab.com features daily design inspirations and sales at up to 70% off retail. Our entire reason for existing is to empower more and more people to embrace great design. Great design is everywhere. It's that perfect pencil, your favorite messenger bag, the headphones you use at the gym, the chair you're sitting at while reading this, and the art on your walls. Great design exists in every country in every product category and at every price point. We eat, sleep, and breathe design.

Fab.com is the newest in a string of recent flash sale sites focused on home decor. Founded by former Blu Dot and DWR employee Bradford Shellhammer and self-described "serial entrepreneur" (ex-fabulis, socialmedian, Jobster) Jason Goldberg, it's the most modern and design-conscious of the non-fashion sale sites we've seen.

Earlier this week, we stopped by the Fab.com offices in Midtown for a sneak peek of the stuff they'll be selling. The first week's sales include signed and numbered versions of Milton Glaser's iconic "I Heart NY" posters, Bikes from PUBLIC (coincidentally, the newest company of former DWR CEO Rob Forbes), and Emeco's 111 Chairs made from recycled Coke bottles.

Other items pictured above — including psychedelic posters by Joe and Gerry Simboli, objects by Eva Zeisel, Eames chairs, Ladies & Gentlemen piggy banks, and mod home office products by Slice — will appear in future sales.

Like other flash sale startups, Fab.com is a members-only site hosting 72-hour sales. Four to eight sales will go up each day, seven days a week, with discounts between 30 and 70 percent.


Photos: Sarah Coffey (1-8), Fab.com (9-10)