Look! Factory Furniture for the Home

Store History

  • Founded: NYC
  • Founded by: Julie Gaines & Dave Lenovitz
  • Headquarters: 889 Broadway, NYC

Driving around the back roads upstate New York (code for lost) we stumbled upon a small hamlet called Fishs Eddy. It felt like a perfectly odd name so we borrowed it for our just-opened shop near Gramercy Park. Twenty-five years later Fishs Eddy has made its own history. Millions of edgy, unique and incredibly fun dishes and glasses have come in and out of our doors. That old blue pick up is now a large truck with our logo and a GPS. Of course we still meander and let life take us to unexpected places (code for can’t figure out how to work GPS). Most importantly, we're still true to our original vision: commercial quality dish and glassware with plenty of other things to make people smile. After all these years we are still happiest...doing dishes!

Okay industrial nerds, we're adding this to our list of The Best Industrial Furnishings & Sources. If you’re looking for some rough-around-the-edges factory furniture head over to Fishs Eddy.

They have a big selection of tables, carts and other odds and ends from recently closed manufacturer Syracuse China. Prices range from $50 for smaller items to $500 for larger pieces. Happy hunting!

(Images: Geoff Bentz)

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