Metropolitan Cityscapes: Paper Cut Maps

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  • Founded by: Chauntelle Trinh and Eckard Buscher

Current and former residents of Berlin, Sydney and Tokyo, Chauntelle Trinh and Eckard Buscher have a long held fascination for cities and the urban milieu. Working in the fields of Architecture and Design, they dealt with the minutiae of the city but yearned to explore the macrocosm of metropolitan life. They have been making art collaboratively since 2007.

Forged out of a fascination for urban life, designers Chauntelle Trinh and Eckard Buscher have created a series of paper-cut cityscapes capturing the distinct intricacies that make urban landscapes so unique.

According to Trinh and Buscher, Metropolitan Cityscapes "is an homage to the cities we have visited and those that have inspired us. In making them, we hope to create a starting point for your own stories and experiences."

Each map is intricately hand drawn then cut out of paper, creating a lattice-like portrait of a city's physical layout. I love the way these maps are so detailed yet so nuanced; a canvas for us to fill with our own musings on a particular city, maybe one we've experienced intimately or one we dream of exploring one day.

Maps can be purchased directly by visiting Metropolitan Cityscapes and are also available at MCA Sydney.

Via: Inhabitat

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