PLASTICA: Gift Boutique

PLASTICA: Gift Boutique

Abby Stone
Nov 10, 2010

If you still think of plastic as a derogatory description of an item, a quick peek into PLASTICA will change your mind. The store's exuberant and playful mix of cool accessories, home goods, office supplies and kid's toys — sourced both locally and globally — can claim your entire afternoon.

Interestingly enough, not all of the items they carry are plastic. There is a large selection of items — from Marimmeko umbrellas to recycled glasses etched with animals, a cardboard cat house and invitingly touchable wool coasters — that conform to the other definition of plastic as an item that is sculptural or adaptable. PLASTICA is a good source for some of our staple favorites: woven Chilewich rugs, large colorful TubTrugs, even a Rody big enough for adults to play on.

Images: 1: PLASTICA; 2-5: Meredith Jenks, used with permission


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