Merchant_4: Fresh Work from International Designers

Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 2007
  • Founded by: Cheri Caso
  • Headquarters: New York, New York

Merchant no. 4 is an online shop which was launched in 2007 to represent independent designers, craftsmen and artisans worldwide. Our goal is to bring you a beautifully curated collection of unique objects for your home or gift giving. We do not support the mass-produced and hope you will enjoy our ever-evolving selection of thoughtfully crafted goods. Please visit often for new products!

There are stores that tend to look alike, especially in the virtual world of online shopping. We won't name names, but they're the types of shops that carry the same 10 or 12 modern brands, have the same basic web layout, and feel almost indistinguishable from one another. Merchant_4 is not one of those stores.

It has a distinct, fresh style that's instantly recognizable — each time you return to their homepage, you know exactly where you are.

Founded by New York-based designer Cheri Caso in 2007, the online shop functions sort of like an art gallery for contemporary organic-modern furniture and home decor. Designers represented include Boym Parnters, Emogayu, Masakage Tanno, Lovi, and more. Prices tend toward the high end, but there are several tabletop items under the $50 mark.

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Scandia Senior Easy Chair, $2,850
Scandia Junior Stackable Chair, $900
GOM Rubber Magnets, $30
Wood Glass Canisters, $20
Molecule Dish, $48
Kukubara Money Box, $300
Kami M Cup, $42
Utensil Rack, $25
Yogurt Bowl, $25
Tension Vessel by Emogayu, $110