T.I.N.I.: This Is Not Ikea

T.I.N.I.: This Is Not Ikea

Abby Stone
Apr 8, 2010

We've blogged TINI before in one of its previous incarnations. What began as a favorite Craigslist seller and then morphed into a online retailer now has a bricks and mortar presence in Los Angeles. T.I.N.I. aka This Is Not Ikea is a magical hodgepodge of vintage finds. It's like having your own personal furniture stylist with an eye for the unique, the unusual and the unexpected. As the name suggests, this is as far from mass market as you can find.

Whether you're looking for cool seating, a bright light to add a bit of color to your home (I bought my home's bright orange lamps here), a large vintage poster for a focal point or a bowl for your foyer that's sure to be a conversation starter, check TINI's ever changing offerings. Alexis Hadjopulos and Tom Whitman post their latest finds, culled from estate sales, auctions, garage sales, flea markets and online outlets, on Mondays and Tuesdays and they're happy to help you in your search for a specific piece or in suggesting a piece to work with your existing furniture.


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