Wiley Brothers Belts Store Profile

Store History

  • Founded: 1999
  • Founded by: Marcus Wiley
  • Headquarters: Free Union, VA

I founded Wiley Brothers, a leather handcrafts company specializing in leather belts and accessories, in 1999 along with my brother Peter. Our Anglo-American heritage and involvement in equestrian traditions inspired us to create artisanal leather goods, applying the aesthetic and craftsmanship of fine equestrian tack and harness to our own belt designs. We have built our products around a material with which we have been well acquainted since our earliest years, English bridle leather. <br><br> We grew up in rural Virginia on an active horse farm, where we became involved in equestrian activities at an early age. On the Wiley farm, we experienced daily interaction with horses and the specialized leather goods that go along with them. Training, conditioning and competing horses bred a deep appreciation for the look, smell, feel and incredible durability of English bridle leather. Today this is the material at the core of all Wiley Brothers products.