Shopping for Honeysuckle Home Accessories

Well, we've announced Pantone's color of 2011 and looked at some home accessories that use the bold hue in small doses. Now, it's time to go shopping:

When shopping for these items, as you might imagine, "honeysuckle" doesn't exactly turn up lots of hits. Instead, we used search terms like "hot pink", "fuschia", and "coral". Pantone's color is a tangy, hot, saturated pink. Maybe by year's end, a search using the term "honeysuckle" will turn up more items in this color? What do you think - will the name catch on? In the meantime, here are some of our shopping finds:

  • BlueDot's Strut Table in Watermelon, $700-$1300
  • Ruffled Circle quilt at West Elm, from $129
  • Bubble-Up Bedside Table from PBTeen, $199


First Image: Janel Laban/Dinner Party Plan: Setting the (New!) Pink Table

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