Shopping for Water Filters

Shopping for Water Filters

Sarah Coffey
Mar 4, 2010

Guide To: Filtration pitchers, taps, under-sink tanks, and countertop filters
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Water quality varies depending on where you live, so it makes sense that the type of filter you'd use would vary according to your personal needs. This guide offers some brief tips (and links) for information on choosing a water filter, as well as specifics on where to buy one.

Before you buy a water filter, determine what you want the filter to do. (To find more info about your region's drinking water from the EPA, click here). If you're trying to improve the taste of your water, then a pitcher or tap-mounted filter will probably get the job done. If you're worried about sediment or rust in the water, you might want to look into a reverse osmosis system that's integrated with your plumbing. For more detailed information, Treehugger has a great guide to determining which water filter is right for you.

Target (Various Locations/Online): Big box stores like Target, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot stock mainstream water filters at reasonable prices. The Brita On Tap system is a popular model. Target also carries systems by Pur, ZeroWater, and Greenway.

Green Depot (Various Locations/Online): This store carries a range of water filtration devices that cost anywhere from $25 to the high-end Aquavos Ovopur for $650. They carry countertop models, as well as dual cartridge systems that can be mounted under the sink.

Gracious Home (New York/Online): This independently owned retailer stocks a lot of what you'll find at Bed, Bath & Beyond or the Container Store, but they hone in on the quality stuff and round out their inventory with harder-to-find items and imports. They have a good selection of water filters from Elemaris, Zerowater, and Maxtra.