Goodbye Boob Lights: 15 Stylish, Modern Flush-Mount Fixtures

Goodbye Boob Lights: 15 Stylish, Modern Flush-Mount Fixtures

Nancy Mitchell
May 29, 2017
(Image credit: West Elm)

We've all seen them: the dreaded boob lights, marring apartments and builder-grade homes everywhere with their unrepentant mediocrity. If you're a little bit handy you've probably replaced one, or thought about it, but then you probably ran into the same difficulty I did when I started looking for a fixture to replace the boobs in my own apartment: flush-mount fixtures can be really ugly. If the room in question doesn't have the head room for a beautiful chandelier with a two-foot drop, finding the right fixture can be a real challenge. Where are all the nice-looking flush-mount lights? Surely, they have to be out there...somewhere, so we decided to do a little hunting, and here's what we found.


If you have the room for this fixture's 10.5" drop, it would make a beautiful (and budget-friendly) alternative to standard ugly flush mounts.

Good for replacing an unappealing flush mount fixture in a smaller space, like an entryway or hallway.

The simple design and low price of this fixture make it a perfect choice for renters and homeowners alike looking to ditch the boob.

A classy, minimal fixture for a soft, diffused light.

A modern twist on the classic schoolhouse light fixture.

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The classic schoolhouse fixture, available in a variety of finishes and in a variety of shapes.

Perfect if you crave the look of an industrial, modern chandelier but just don't have the ceiling height.

All the style of a modern chandelier in a product with only a 6" drop. It's also available with the bulbs in a slightly different configuration that results in only a 4" drop, for spaces where clearances are especially tight.

Seven bulbs make this flush mount fixture appropriate even for a space where you need a lot of light, and has the grandness to stand in for a chandelier.

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All the style and glamour of a chandelier in a fixture that hugs the ceiling.

This chandelier can be mounted with a drop or installed flush to the ceiling.

This fixture's Buckminster Fuller-inspired faceted glass globe will make an intriguiging centerpiece for any room.

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