Shopping in Your Skivvies:
Best Online Vintage & Antique Stores

Shopping in Your Skivvies:
Best Online Vintage & Antique Stores

Jason Loper
Sep 29, 2012

Once upon a time I liked nothing better than waking up early on a Saturday morning to hit flea markets and antique shops. These days, I prefer to spend my weekend mornings drinking coffee in my pajamas. Luckily, the wonderful internet brings the best of vintage shopping to my fingertips - no pants required.

Two Jakes — We profiled this store back in 2008 and we still return to see what's new. If you happen to be in Brooklyn, you can shop in store - the rest of us can rely on their website for current inventory.
Second Shout Out — We just profiled this store last week and were wowed by the diversity of their offerings - everything from small accessories to classic cars.
Rehab Vintage — If your tastes lean more toward vintage industrial, this is the shop for you. From tanker desks to refurbished vintage fans, Rehab Vintage is like scooping up the best of industrial and office furniture from the 1960s.
Tara Shaw Antiques — Based in New Orleans, this shop specializes in fine antiques – think Louis XV buffets and 18th century cupboards.
Etsy — They may have started out as a handmade marketplace but Etsy has become a wonderful resource for vintage goods as well.

Red Line Vintage — Another recent discovery that we profiled last week, Red Line Vintage offers a well curated selection of mid-century goodies.
The Good Mod — This shop features a great selection of goods. You can browse around or sort by categories like American Modern or Machine Age. If you're in Portland, check out the shop in person.
Century Modern — As the name would suggest, this shop specializes in mid-century modern furniture.
1st Dibs — As much as I enjoyed visiting the 1st Dibs showroom the last time I was in New York, I still prefer browsing from the comfort of my living room.
Past Present Future — This Minneapolis-based retailer specializes in the best that America produced from the late 1800's through the mid 1970's.

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