Facet 02 Solid Brass Knobs

Maxwell’s Daily Find 04.22.14

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Facet 02 Solid Brass Knobs

• $60

Okay you all, check out these shiny, stunning, solid brass knobs, designed and manufactured by a reader whose house we just shot for the new book. Jessica Ahnert Davis is an product and interior designer who started her own hardware line in 2012 and now offers twelve very elegant and chic knobs and handles with just the right amount of glam. These are not your everyday fare, and - yes - the price is higher than what you'd find at Home Depot or your local vintage, BUT the weight and finish of these things is extreme. If you want to add some real jewelry to an old or a new piece, this is a great place to start.

(Image credits: Retro Ranch Renovation)

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