Seersucker Men's Bathrobe

Maxwell’s Daily Find 10.11.11

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Seersucker Men's Bathrobe

• $59.95
Vermont Country Store

Over the weekend I stayed in a really nice little hotel in New Haven called The Study at Yale. In the room was this seersucker robe, and, while I generally go for the big plush white robes, I found this one surprisingly cozy and much more comfortable to wear around the room. Like Turkish towels that are absorbent but lighter, this is a great robe for the home (and for guests) and more practical than the big spa kind. I then tracked it down to its source: The Vermont Country Store. I'm a convert.

Our men's bathrobe in 100% cotton seersucker is perfect year-round because it's not bulky or heavy. Seersucker robe has those crisp puckers that keep the fabric off your skin and let the air circulate.