Sensor Can by Simplehuman

Maxwell’s Daily Find 05.06.11

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Sensor Can by Simplehuman

• $199

We've been testing one of these in our office recently; it's fun to play with and it's a winner. The sensor is quite sophisticated and has a number of positions that it moves toward, so that you don't get caught with it shutting on your hands (and we couldn't break it with our heavy use). While the sensor is the star of this product, and it has worked flawlessly in our testing (except when the batteries ran out ~ 5 months), there are many other nice details in this design, including a stainless steel shell, a very slim shape and a smart bucket with holes for ventilation and easy removal. The Sensor Can comes in three sizes: 40 liter, 55 liter and a 48 liter recycling can.

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