Shaw's Original Fireclay Sink

Maxwell’s Daily Find 05.17.13

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Shaw's Original Fireclay Sink

• from $1,075

Ok, this is aspirational, but what a lovely sink! I took this pic at a friend's house and then traced it to an English factory that sells through a bunch of shops in the US (now Amazon too). I have never been a big sink person before, but I really like the soft edges, large size and warm feeling of this ("biscuit" is the color), which is made of "fireclay" - not enamel on iron - so that it is much tougher and is acid/alkali resistant. And they're handmade in Darwen, England since 1897.

The bowls come in all sorts of different sizes, so whether you've got a mansion or just a small place you want to feel like one, this is the end of your search.

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