Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove - 35,000 BTU

Maxwell’s Daily Find 02.19.14

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Pleasant Hearth Pellet Stove - 35,000 BTU

• $1,099.99

Cold inside?? I just discovered pellet stoves at a friend's house up in Boston last winter, where she uses one to heat a large section of her house. Super efficient (75%-85% burn efficiency) and only burning wood waste pressed into little rabbit food-like pellets, these things rock heat. The one above is a top rated one from Amazon, but you can look all over the web to find out more about them. Powered by a little bit of electricity, which keeps the pellets moving and acts as a starter (no matches!), they are not cheap, but they are durable, work beautifully, are safe and much more earth friendly than any conventional heating sources, including wood stoves. Check out this nice overview from Home Depot.