10 New Affordable Online Art Galleries

Shopper's Guide

Store History

  • Founded: 2010
  • Founded by: Phyllis Sa, Claire Teschel, Julia Kuo, Emily Dove
  • Headquarters: Cleveland, San Diego, Savannah, and San Francisco :)

The Nimbus Factory is a design team that began as a dream lingering in the backs of our minds and on the scraps of notepaper tacked to our bulletin boards. The four of us hold degrees from Ringling School of Art and Design, SCAD, University of Michigan, and Washington University in St.Louis. Thanks to the miracle of technology, we were able to turn our dream into reality despite being spread across the country now in San Francisco, Cleveland, San Diego, and Savannah! Each of us brings something different to the company; we have worked with small and large firms, designed and sold paper products out of our own homes and for one of the largest greeting card retailers in the country, and represented booths at local craft shows as well as the national NYSS (New York Stationery Show). Though we all traveled along different paths. our shared enthusiasm for creating products we love brought us together. We absolutely love working together and making our designs real! The name, 'The Nimbus Factory', appealed to us because it had a really quirky, optimistic feeling about it, which we think is very fitting for us. We've come to think of it as a perfect representation of our own aspirations.

Of all the many submissions we get to review stores, the most frequent ones come from artists and/or galleries, particularly those who have set up affordable art shops online. If you're thinking of starting an online gallery, be aware that — at least from what we can tell — the web is saturated with competition. That said, there are some good ones that have appeared in our inbox recently — here are 10 of them.

  1. Society 6: Based out of Redondo Beach, CA, Society 6 prints the work of artists who post work to their site. When a customer orders a piece, Society 6 produces the work in one of several available sizes and formats. Shown above: Childhood Art Print by Nazario Graziano, $29 - $47, depending on size.
  2. Art We Love: This website produces limited print editions by "artists whose works can be found in top galleries and museums (like the MoMA), leading art events (like the Venice Biennale), and (of course) private collections around the world." Although it's not affordable in "under $100" terms, it's much less expensive than original works by top-tier artists. Shown: Beijing Qinghua 1 by Stephane Couturier, edition of 30, $1,000 each.
  3. Not A Gallery: This SoHo-based non-gallery actually sent us a sample (shown above) of their digital paintings, which are glazed with a textured varnish and mounted on a frame made of FSC-certified solid birch wood. It's a very high-quality mount, and prices start around $200 for limited editions.
  4. Unknown Prints: Based out of the UK, this webshop prints "unknown or up and coming artists/designers who want to either earn a bit of money for the hobby they love or for exposure." Shown above: Unknown #013 by Josh Fleck, £39.
  5. Kitchen Art Studio: Founded by former advertising photographer George Mauro and his daughter, this shop sells some charming images of analog electronics and appliances. Shown: The Magnavox, $45.
  6. Print Collection: This webshop has an online archive of historic prints, which customers can order in a variety of sizes. Shown: Johnson Wax Balcony, SW View by Jack E. Boucher, $22 - $230, depending on size.
  7. Rambles: Owner Maria Falconer works with "with independent artists and designers and small businesses" to provide a small but highly curated selection of limited edition prints. Shown above: A Look Only You Would Understand Print by Ashley G & Drew, $20.
  8. Photolark Gallery: Targeted towards people who are looking more for "wall decor" than "fine art," this webshop sells gallery-wrapped canvases and flat prints in several sizes and price ranges. Shown: Rachel Cave Gallery Posters, $20.
  9. The Nimbus Factory: This print shop sells stationery, calendars, wrapping paper, and artwork. Shown above: Year Round Wall Calendar, $15.
  10. Forgot Shop: Run by Emily Forgot from her UK studio, this webshop has a small selection of alphabet prints and surreal ceramics. Shown above: Hobby Alphabet, £45.