Janel Laban
Dec 1, 2006

Operating on the idea that everyone has junk they need to get rid of, this company is growing fast.

It started in Canada and franchises are popping up all over - the service is available here in Chicago if you are looking to clean out your space. The fees are considerable, starting at a minimum of $98. and going up to $558 for a full load, with many increments in between, based on volume.

But, if you consider the cost of renting a truck or dumpster and your time to load it all up and then deliver it to the various donation sites and recycling centers you might find that the full service offered begins to sound more reasonable.

They do all the loading and cleanup from wherever the items are and up to 60% of the items they collect are donated or recycled.

There are two ways to book, online or by phone (there is a $10 discount if you book online). You will be given a two hour window appointment booking and will get a call 15 minutes prior to the crew's arrival.

Now, can you do this all yourself? Of course! And we think that is probably the way to go - you can feel proud of your job well done and it will most likely be much less expensive.

But if you are really keeping junk around because of the work involved to get it on its way, this seems worth the extra cost. It's a very good thing to let go of junk and one of the best ways to get your apartment healthy!

If anyone has used this or a similar service, please let us know your thoughts in the comments below...

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