Accent Pieces

Accent Pieces

Feb 13, 2007
  • Location: Long Beach, CA

We stopped by the new store Accent Pieces on Long Beach's hipster row, 4th street this weekend to check things out. We saw the store being put together and got excited about the bright colors and [new] modern look that was beginning to take shape. This portion of 4th street [between Junipero and Cherry] is known for it's retro 40 and 50's style, so modern, definitely was a new twist.

It was a bit different than we had expected, assuming it was going to have larger furniture pieces, similar to other surrounding stores we were a little disappointed to find it was more of a small items store [of course had we paid attention to the name it would have indicated what it was about]

The most impressive pieces were the oversized Japanese style lanterns that hung everywhere in the shop. The prices on these large pieces were very reasonable at most being $75 and under. We were having visions of a fabulous outdoor party with tons of these hanging. [yes, big dreams here]. The store also has a nice collection, again very affordable, decorative pottery.

If you're headed to 4th Street for the other vintage stores, clothing and furniture, check it out. You might find a little gem or a friends birthday present.

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