Maxwell Ryan
Feb 28, 2007

AeroBeds have taken over. Unknown 10 years ago, when overnight guests would come and sleep on...? What the hell DID they sleep on before AeroBeds? Many had pull out sofas, some relied on futons; we had a blow up camping pad. Aero has become a niche killer.

Starting from humble beginnings, Aero now makes 14 different AeroBeds, from the original Classic Plus, to the Sport All-Terrain Bed with Dual Power Pump, which has a coil construction. Nevertheless, everyone is inflatable. Others have memory foam, heating coils and even suede finishes. All are affordable, with most under $200 and some under $100.

But how good are they? Do you recommend them? Do we have another choice? We slept on one for the first time two weeks ago and it was very nice, but it did keep squeeking when we moved around.

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