Airborne Animals: Pet Shipping

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First Class. Airborne Animals is a national and international shipper of household pets. They deal in serious relocations (in other words, it's not really for pets just going on vacation with you). Their website is very helpful and full of information, and they offer quick estimates.

As their website says:

Airborne Animals, LLC personally makes deliveries to and pick-ups from Newark & JFK airports. Additionally, through a network of other professional pet shippers, we can make arrangements for out-of-state shipments. Use of our services will give you the knowledge and experience for safe and hassle-free pet shipping. Whenever possible, we use direct non-stop flights to reduce the length of travel, especially for overseas moves. Petmate Pro makes our crates, manufacturers of the safest and strongest shipping crates approved for air travel. While there are less expensive shipping crates available, they tend to open unexpectedly and be less safe."

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