Alden Lane Nursery

In case you hadn't noticed, we've succumbed to the gardening bug. It came over us slowly, but it's completely overwhelmed our little brain and driven us to such madness that we recently drove to Livermore in search of one elusive Morello cherry tree. It couldn't just be a local nursery for us, no ma'am, we found our beloved at Alden Lane.

The location seems a bit random, smack-dab between a smattering of housing developments and the Livermore airport, but it's been around since 1955. At first glance, Alden Lane has the vague whiff of a Disneyland-like attraction. The gates, the horses, the enormous driveway and parking lot...but venture past the large courtyard and you'll find a wonderland of plants and trees. We wandered around for a few hours until we stumbled upon the fruit trees. Organized alphabetically, the fruit trees are a sight to behold. We ogled the grafted "fruit salad" trees but kept on with our cherry tree quest... After much deliberation (and some very helpful consultations with the nursery staff), we left with the most perfect Morello cherry tree....and a Comice pear tree....and a Blenheim apricot tree....and a pre-order number for a Pink Lady apple tree.